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An Open Letter to Thomas "Tom" Bradford

at Seed of Abraham Ministries, Merritt Island, FL &

A screen shot of Seed of Abraham Fellowships false Facebook post from April 15, 2021 can be found at the bottom of this page. It remained until an attorney was hired and an out of court settlement was reached, even though the lies were already exposed. Regarding the settlement. I agreed to only say that we settled out of court satisfactorily. 

I do have one question for Tom Bradford, was the edict removed yet, or are people still being told they will lose their jobs if they speak to me? Why are you afraid to let them speak to me? What are you hiding?

After long prayerful consideration, I have decided to reply to your inaccurate Facebook post. It appears to be nothing more than a retaliation against me for speaking out and telling the truth, and an attempt to discredit me. 


Let’s begin:

1. You stated that Gary Lambert reported to you his “moral failure”, also implying he was the one who had confessed.

Not true.  There was no mention that I confessed to two women in February.  One of them went to her husband. Then, they went to Gary and told him he needed to confess to you.  Out of respect for Gary, they waited for him to do it on his own.  He didn’t! You have led people to believe that this all came out because Gary Lambert did the right thing. But that isn’t true, is it?  Gary had every intention of keeping this three and a half year "moral failure" quiet from you and move to Michigan.  I have proof.

2. You stated that the board "took immediate actions."

Not true.  You were informed verbally on February 14, 2021.  No action was taken.  Did you call a Board meeting? You received an email on March 1, 2021 addressing the "moral failure".  Did you have a Board meeting and share the email in March?  No.  You made a unilateral decision without consulting your Board.  Also, you did not forward two USPS certified letters I sent addressing the "moral failure" to two other ministries.  The congregation did not become aware of the reason for Gary's abrupt resignation until you announced it to the congregation.  As an adult, Gary should have confessed and repented of his own sins. You did it for him. 

3. You stated that “the weeks following have been a tedious process of removing Gary from all associated websites and video platforms.” 

Tedious is an exaggeration. As far as “removing Gary,” you were able to remove him in the course of six hours after I contacted one of the other ministries in Israel. I have proof of that too. Not to mention when other former ministers have been fired from Seed of Abraham, you were able to remove them within 24 hours from all platforms.  Why did it take from February to April?  You have a very savvy tech guy, Gary “Doc” Lambert, who is Gary K. Lambert’s son, handling your media? Would that be a conflict of interest that played in here? I wonder.

4. You stated that “Charlotte was asked not to return out of respect for Gary’s wife whom we continue to fellowship and minister too.” 

Not true.  Another unilateral decision was made by you.  I was informed by an elder I could not attend. You informed the staff at Seed of Abraham to have me removed if I tried to attend church. There were options for both parties to have fellowship and be ministered to without crossing paths.  You exercised none.  You failed to minister to my sixteen year old daughter or have one iota of consideration for her.  You and other ministers continued ministering to Gary daily.  You continued to retain Gary as an employee after his “serious moral failure” was discovered.  As a Senior Minister, your response and behavior has not been Biblical.  As a man who has been divorced twice and married three times, you do not meet the Biblical qualifications for minister/pastor. In general, that is because they are considered poor judges of character, poor decision makers, and poor at reconciliation, etc.  You are a good Teacher, but failed as a minister.  

5. You also said “Out of consideration for the innocent family that has been subjected to the consequences of this heartbreaking situation, we ask for privacy and prayer.”

This implies that Gary’s family are the only innocent ones? Somehow my family, my sixteen year old daughter who attended and served on the Saturday morning food ministry isn’t? My older adult daughters aren’t? The church doesn’t care about them? My daughter has been subjected to the “heartbreaking consequences” of your actions? She is homeschooled and Seed of Abraham Fellowship was not just her church, but it was her social connections. She no longer wants anything to do with churches, because at 16, Seed of Abraham Fellowship rejected her. You failed to “fellowship” and "minister" to my daughter, who may be the only actual innocent one, since Gary's wife knew about all of his former "serious moral failings."

6. You also asked me and my “associates" to stop harassing Seed of Abraham Ministries, their employees, and members of the congregation. 

Who have I harassed? The only thing I have done was told my story openly. What congregant said I was harassing? The only employee who has spoken to me is the Minister of Evangelism. Does he believe I harassed him? It is my understanding you told all the other ministers not to have contact with me. Did you put their jobs on the line if they reached out to my daughter and/or I?  Did they have to choose between following Biblical precepts in doing what is right, or acquiescing to your demands.  Again, this is why an individual who has been divorced twice and married three times should not be a minister/pastor.  The pattern of good leadership is not there.

Your post contained many fallacies.  You deliberately spelled my name out more than once.  Was that an attempt to mislead people and hide the truth?  It appears you are using any means necessary to discredit me rather than come to the table and address me as a human being made in the image of God.  I seriously wanted to talk to you and walk out Matthew 18.  A true minister/pastor would not have turned away a request for repentance.

 I hereby publicly request that you remove the Facebook post immediately and replace it with a formal apology for misleading the church and the board, to me and my children for the way you have treated us, along with correcting the above referenced things.

Your Sister in Yahshua, 



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