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Dr. Saffrone Emerson

Of A New Hope With Dr. Saffrone, Vero Beach, Viera, and Orlando

On the evening of  March 23,  I was driving home from picking up my daughter from work, when my phone rang. I attempted to answer it, but had no sound. I tried calling the number back a couple of times and after not having any sound, my daughter realized that the phone was plugged into the truck and the audio was turned off in the car. After turning the radio on, I heard the person on the other line say “Hello, this is Dr. Saffrone.” I hung up the phone immediately. I had my daughter in the car and after the last time Dr. Saffrone Emerson had called me, I didn’t want my daughter to hear any conversation with her. She texted me, but I didn’t have my glasses on and I was driving so I told her I would call her back in 10 minutes. Then I dropped my daughter off back at our place, drove towards the truck stop and called Dr. Saffrone back.

    When I called her back, I could hear that she was on speaker phone, so I was curious as to whether she had called me with Gary and Tina. I asked her if she was alone, or if someone was with her, and she said she was alone. She then asked if I was alone, and I said yeah. She asked if I wanted to talk about anything from the last 4 years. I told her she didn’t understand. She asked me to explain it then. So I tried.

    During the course of the conversation, I explained to her that I almost sent her a copy of the letter I had sent to the church explaining what happened between me and Gary, after her last phone call to me and the way she treated me, because she didn’t know or understand. She asked me why I would send a letter and tell the church. She asked me if I was trying to destroy the Kingdom of God by destroying a church and ruining all the good it could do for people. She said that I was selfish for needing any closure, and that that I should have gone away quietly, and that the church never should have been told. 

    I explained to her that I had trusted him because he was my pastor and she asked me who was a pastor. I said Gary Lambert, your client. The man I was with for almost four years. That I had believed him.

    I told her that Gary had called me his wife for the last few years, that we had a bank account together and everything. I asked her what did that make me now? She called me a harlot, and when I asked her if she just called me a harlot, she said “That’s what you are, isn’t it?” I said “I’m not a harlot.” She said that she had been divorced for eight years, and would never think of being with a married man, and that you can tell a Christian by their fruit and that my fruit was rotten. That I had no good fruit. 


    She also told me I was delusional because I believed everything Gary told me, and asked what kind of woman would sleep with another woman’s husband. She said I was delusional to believe God would send me someone else’s husband. I tried to explain to her how I went to Gary for counseling regarding my failing marriage to my husband, and how he eventually started manipulating scripture and I believed him. And that after my divorce, He told me I was his wife. 

    I also, told her that it turns out I’m not the first person he’s done this too. She said I was just trying to blame him for everything and that I was playing the victim. She said I was walking around with a victim mentality and that I am no victim. I told her I wasn’t and she kept telling me I was.


    She asked me if my daughters knew what I did. When I said yes I told them, she asked me how old they were. I told her that her 27, 26 and 16. She then said “What kind of mother tells her 16 year old who she’s f*cking?” I was shocked by her language and told her I had no choice but to tell my daughter without all the details, so that she understood why we weren’t allowed at church, and her friends from church were gone. I also didn’t want my daughter to hear it from anyone else but me. 


    She also at one point in the conversation asked me if I was mentally handicapped, or developmentally delayed and incapable of understanding. I told her I understand quite well, but that she didn’t have the truth and that Gary wasn’t telling her the truth. I said that she obviously didn’t want to know the truth. It was obvious to me that she only called to attack me, but I’m not sure if I said that to her. 

    I almost went to the Gary and Tina’s house that night, to confront Gary because of her phone call and the things she said to me during the phone call, but I didn’t. She told me I shouldn’t be driving a car, and I asked her if she ever had a conversation on the phone in her car. She laughed at me and said “I drive a Tesla, it drives itself.” 


    During the conversation she told me I needed to be Baker acted or committed by another means, but I can’t remember the other act she said, and that I need to seek psychiatric help. Throughout the conversation she would degrade and condescend me. She continued to call me delusional, verbally attack me, and call me names. and when it was obvious the conversation was over and going no where we both hung up. I felt like she only called to try and discredit me, and push me into breaking down.

    I was very emotional, my chest hurt, and I couldn’t breath after I hung up the phone. I called a friend, who listened to me as I sat in the parking lot until I was calm enough to go back home. I was very distraught and confused over the conversation with her. I spent a majority of that night lying in bed crying. I now get anxiety in my chest when I see a Tesla in my area, because I’m afraid of running into Dr. Saffrone Emerson, and being attacked again. 

    The next morning, I woke up to my phone alerting me I was receiving text messages. It was Dr. Saffrone Emerson texting me. Some of the text were very inappropriate and vulgar screen shots of what appears to be a book. I texted back at one point that she was very confusing. I said that she had called me a harlot the night before and now she was texting me, and I didn’t understand why. I also told her I forgave her, but she texted back she didn’t need my forgiveness because nothing comes between her and God, and that I needed to seek mental health help.

    Dr. Saffrone Emerson had previously contacted me on February 11th, to supposedly do a well check on me after I had gone to find out what was going on when Gary wasn’t responding. I had showed up at my camper that Gary and Tina were living in, and discovered they were rushing to move out unknown to me, and had planned to just abandon the camper without telling me. I had her on speaker phone because I had no idea who she was the that first time she called, so that my friend Matthew who’s house I had gone to for help could hear. I told her I don’t know who you are or what’s going on. She said she was Tina and Gary’s psychologist and that she wanted to make sure I was OK. I said of course not, I don’t know what’s going on and no one is telling me. No one is using Matthew 18. I asked if she was a Christian and knew Matthew 18. She said she was, but she was very rude and attacking on that phone call as well. She said I needed to stay away from my camper and give Tina and Gary there space to process what I had done. I told her I’m not even at the camper anymore, I had already left, and I wanted to know what was going on with my camper. She was very rude and then hung up on me. My friend and I couldn’t believe the call, and we questioned whether she really was a licensed psychologist, as she purported herself to be.

    After the first phone call back in February, I left reviews on the internet about her unprofessionalism, and the day of the second phone call, she left a message on my voicemail, which I didn’t listen to until a few days later, that she saw I was trying to reach her online. I didn’t send her any message, the only thing I did online, was leave poor reviews about her and get her office address when I was considering mailing her a copy of the letter. 


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