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Discover When Religion Hurts

My name doesn't matter, my story does. It's only one of many. The sad truth is that Clergy Sexual Abuse happens way more than the church wants to admit. I'm not saying that it happens in every church , or that every church leader is bad or an abuser. What I am saying is that we can't turn a blind eye to it. Please read my blog and my truth, and please reach out to those wounded by this type of abuse.

You see if we are the body, we have to start sharing, we have to start caring.  Things will never change if we don't stand together and speak out together. How many woman have already been hurt, and how many more will be hurt by those in church leadership? Who will speak out and protect them? People ask me, why are you doing this? I'm doing it for my daughters,  my granddaughter, my nieces, and my friends and any other woman to protect them from becoming victims. I'm doing this for every woman who has been a victim and never had a voice.  I'm doing this so that Gary Lambert hopefully won't hurt yet another woman.

You can read my blog here, or click the link below to go to my story, and learn what one international ministry did to me.






The Ministry who didn't protect and then openly attacked and hurt me is Seed of Abraham Ministries which is made up of 6 entities. They are as follows:

Seed of Abraham Fellowship in Merritt Island, FL, with Tom Bradford

Yeshua Bread of Life, A Seed of Abraham Fellowship


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