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The Not So Good Doctor

Updated: Mar 20, 2023

My mind has been reeling from a call I got last week from Dr. Saffron Emerson and the lack of professionalism she exhibits. She is my former pastor and his wife psychologist. The night that my pastor and his wifes were moving out of m y camper, she called me, telling me I needed to "give them time to process," which is completely unprofessional and could even be considered a HIPPA violation by the things she said to me. But then.....she called me this week!

I was driving with my daughter in the car. I had just picked her up from work, and she called me. I didn't realize at first why I couldn't hear anyone. It turned out my phone was connected to the car, and my daughter had turned the radio off. When I unplugged my phone from the car and I heard it was Dr. Saffrone, I immediately hung up the phone. I was not going to talk to her with my daughter in the car, so I texted her and told her I would call her back in a few minutes. I then dropped my daughter off at our camper and drove up to the truck stop.

When I called her back, it felt like she only wanted to badger and attack me. She called me a "harlot." She didn't even know when I told her that I had trusted him because he was a pastor, that her own client was a pastor! She told me I was "delusional." Uhh, he was a pastor at Seed of Abraham. He is still a pastor at I'm absolutely sure Gary is a pastor. She then said I needed to seek mental health because I was unstable. Ummmmm........I'm pretty sure I would need more help if I was walking around stable after everything I've gone through. She even asked me if I was mentally challenged or handicapped and if I had the capacity to understand things. She just kept attacking me. She even said my fruit as a Christian was rotten.

I told her I almost sent her the letter I had sent to the board and she asked my why I would do that. She asked if I was trying to "destroy the kingdom of God." All the good the church could do for people and I was ruining the church by speaking out. That I should be quiet and go away. So she is advising me to hide in shame? She is telling me not to bring the darkness into the light? Not to heal? Not to try and protect others? What is she trying to tell me?

What kind of counselor calls the other party? Who calls people and attacks them on behalf of clients? My only conclusion for such a call is that she is in collusion with Gary and his wife, and possibly Seed of Abraham Ministries to discredit and quiet me. All it did was the exact opposite. But the facts are facts, and what happened to me has happened before and may happen again if no one stands up. I don't want another woman to ever go through the pain I have gone through.

As for destroying the kingdom of God, I'm pretty sure I don't have the capability to do that.

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