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LoveIsrael Conference NastyGram

Updated: Nov 15, 2021

So, I received an email from regarding the Loveisreal conference at the Double Tree at Sea World in Orlando, Fl this weekend sent Via Seed of Abraham Ministries. I had no intention of going and I didn’t register. It said:


Your registration to the Love Israel Conference is canceled.

You are not welcome to any Seed of Abraham Ministry events. Everything we do is a private event.

If you come we will have Hotel Security escort you out.”

That was it. The representative who wrote it didn’t even sign their name. No decorum. No decency. Just another opportunity to harass me. Ministries who truly represent God wouldn’t treat another believer this way. They shouldn’t treat a non believer this way!

The lack of professionalism was appalling. They could have sent a civil email asking that if I was planning on attending, that I please not come. I had no intention of attending anyway but at least that would have been tasteful.

Tom Bradford, of, wouldn‘t even sign his name. I wonder if Baruch Korman approved of his representatives actions?

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She forwarded the email to me. I thought it was odd that the initials TL showed up next to her email address rather than the initials CA. When I clicked reply, guess whose name popped up, "Tina Lambert". The people reading this can come to their own conclusions. As for me, it is an indication someone hacked this email account.

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