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When the Bomb Drops...

Updated: Mar 12, 2022

I wrote this during my correspondence with another person this week and I've decided to share it since it seems to be a very accurate description of how it feels:

The greater betrayal than one man was the response of the church. The church should have been safe and it wasn't. And when I told the truth I was shunned. That's like being in war and you're already in crisis, and you're running to the one place you think is safe. The place where everyone you know, and everyone you love, already is. but right before you reach that door, someone drops a bomb, and everything is reduced to rubble. You reach out looking for other survivors who have survived the same thing (e.g. trying to find others who can understand online) as you walk through a town you no longer recognize. And you no longer feel safe because your always waiting for the next bomb to drop...

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