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Dearest Lachine Residents, 


I am not writing to you out of vindictiveness, but out of love. I am writing to you as someone who doesn’t want to see any more women harmed, children put at risk,  or families swindled. Please take a moment to read about the past history of your new resident Gary K. Lambert, and his family at the Fellowship Farm located on M-65 in Lachine, so that you can protect your wives, children, and families. 

Gary Lambert has recently started a Torah keeping fellowship using space from another church in your area, that he calls Torah Community Fellowship. While I do not believe that those who follow Torah are a cult, I do know that Gary K. Lambert and his family are dangerous.  This is not his first time starting a ministry, or even his second. This is his pattern. He moves to a new area, where no one knows him, and he repeats it over again.


Gary Lambert is a minister who has abused multiple women. He has been forced to resign from at least 3 churches and fired from another. He has committed Adult Clergy Sexual Abuse and abused his power as a member of the cloth. Beyond that Gary and his family have a history of starting ministries and receiving donations, yet never producing anything over the last two decades. 


In regards to Gary Lambert and his family, they have started many ministries. I do not know exactly how many, but I will tell you the ones I know about. I know that Gary had Kidsville in New Hampshire when he was in Louden, New Hampshire at New Beginnings Church of the Nazarene. He was forced to resign from that church. Before New Beginnings Church of the Nazarene, Gary was at First Church of the Nazarene in Brockton, NH, which I was told by members who attended that church he was also forced to resign from under very questionable circumstances. Kidsville may have actually started in Brockton.


He then came to Florida where he was hired as the youth minister for the Nazarene Church which is now known as Cross Bridge Church. It was at Cross Bridge that the Nazarene Circuit came down and had a closed door meeting in which they not only fired Gary K. Lambert, but they stripped him of all of his credentials as a minister with the Nazarene denomination. They also told him he could not return as a parishioner to protect the congregation. 


It is after Cross Bridge that Gary worked his way into a position at Seed of Abraham Ministries, in Merritt Island, FL under Tom Bradford of I have heard it said by others that he said he was fired by the Nazarene for teaching kids that they were “going to hell for eating hot dogs.” Essentially he told everyone he was fired for teaching scriptures from the Old Testament books of the Bible. But that didn’t make sense, so I called the Nazarene circuit myself to get the truth.


As for the sexual abuse, cover-ups, and collusion, you can read MY TRUTH or REJECTED APOLOGY by clicking the links at the top of the page. However, While he was at Seed of Abraham Fellowship, he and his family took the opportunity to solicit donations for his new ministry called Torahville Studios. He failed to mention that he had previously had Kidsville to the parishioners. Hundreds of thousands of dollars went through Gary Lambert’s hands as well as material donations. I worked with Gary for Torahville from 2017-2021. During that that time he never produced one video. He also gave many things to his family, including a top of the line custom built computer for video editing to his Son Gary “Doc” Lambert who became the video editor and media guy for Seed of Abraham, and TorahClass after his child pornagraphy incident. You can read about that here:

After I disclosed the sexual abuse to another pastor's wife, they confronted Gary and told him he had to confess to Tom Bradford. He did not do it of his own accord, he was forced to. The following weeks, I asked for my name to be removed from Torahville multiple times, but they continued to delay doing so. At the same time they were setting up The Fellowship Farm, LLC., in Gary’s daughter Ariel Beevers name. The Fellowship Farm was established on  02/28/2021 in Lachine, MI. Torahville4kidz, LLC.  was dissolved finally on 03/16/2021. Interestingly enough non-profits must donate all assets to another non-profit when they dissolve, or sell off assets to pay any debts. I know for a fact Torahville had no debts and would have to donate it to another. I find it suspicious that The Fellowship Farm was created just over two weeks before dissolving Torahville. Here’s the links, check the time line for yourself:


Now Gary is in Lachine, starting yet third and forth ministry called Zacchaeus Productions on May 18, 2022, and Torah Community Fellowship. Just over a year after disbanding Torahville? Yet again another studio? Is it also a children’s ministry again? I personally wonder if all assets were moved from Torahville4kidz, L.L.C., the Fellowship Farm L.L.C., and then back to Gary after a year with Zaccheaus Productions, L.L.C. Either way it always seems to be kept in the family. My guess is the next ministry they create will be in the grandchildren’s names.  And now he has two more ministries:

You need to be aware of what is going on in your town. The amount of abuse, cover-ups, collusion, and lies that come with this family is alarming. Please be careful. I can't tell you not to get involved with this family, it is your choice, but I would urge you to weigh the risks after knowing this information. Please also take the time to read my Rejected Apology and My Truth to learn about Gary's abuse of power, abuse of scriptures, and belief in polygamy.

Please take the time to read my truth, what happened to me, and my rejected apology.

Dearest Residents of Lachine,

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