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If you are an adult or child victim of Clergy Misconduct/Sexual Abuse 

I urge you to get a consultation with Boz Tchividjian, Esq. at 


As the grandson of the late Billy Graham, he understands church politics and knows how to navigate the waters. He gave me a voice and helped me to bring accountability to Seed of Abraham Fellowship, in Merritt Island, FL. He listens.

It is my hope that these links will help you. I hope that it will either educate you to reach out to those who have been hurt or rejected, or healing if you've been hurt. Please check out these links and resources for more information on abuse in the church of adult woman. These articles are from various denominations, but the theme is the same.

"When Wolves Wear Shepard's Clothing: Helping Woman Survive Clergy Sexual Abuse"

"I'm so confused" - Hope for Survivors

"Professional Exploitation" - Advocate Web

"The Cost of Abuse" - Advocate Web

"Consequences of Abuse" - Hope for Survivors

"The Prevalence of Clergy Sexual Misconduct with Adults: A Research Study

"How Clergy Misconduct Happens: A Qualitative Study of First Hand Accounts"

"Bathsheba's Story: Surviving Abuse and Loss"

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